Mira Schendel, Was a way to spend my winter thoughts - 2014

Today I found myself back again at the Mira Schendel exhibition at the Tate Modern for what is probably the 6th time during it’s run, this is it’s last weekend.

This exhibition has moved me in a way similar to Ana Mendieta’s Traces exhibit. The nothingness and feelings of the void have provoked my imagination on every visit and has inspired me in a non aesthetical way.

This is as opposed to William Klein or Miles Aldridge’s work which have inspired me in a more visual aesthetic, Mira Schendel’s art leaves me feeling very inward in my thoughts and feelings.

It perfectly marks the line of nothingness equaling life. Her work inspires me not to copy or recreate but to attempt to address my own reaction and feelings in my own way whilst trying to understand the emptiness and very clear lines of questioning language, meaning and the compact organisation of her art and thoughts.

I also recently attended an interesting lecture with David Medalla where he talked a great length about Mira’s art and in particular her involvement in an exhibition at the Signals Gallery in London during 1966.

I would recommend her art to anyone who has an interest in existentialism and the Void of life.

I will really miss this exhibit.

Mira Schendel 1919 - 1988

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