Magietta (Distortion behind the beauty) - 2014

When I am looking at the eclectic works of the Polish artist Magietta, I find myself trying to look underneath the media to see what she is trying to hide behind the scene, as you often get the feeling you are looking at two pieces of work within one piece.

Working predominately in pastels on carbon with some installation and acrylic work, the drawings stimulate my feelings of wanting to look for beauty within the ugly truth of the world that is presented before you.

It could have connotations of an another land, a time where human beings were not walking the conveyor belt into the waste basket, you get a conflicting feeling of almost rigid like order melding within an anarchic free for all within the same image, a feeling that I like very much.

Her work can captivate you through the distortion of technically brilliant drawings and colourings of beauty to then reveal the real inner feeling of the subjects and possibly the artist herself.

Her work provides a kind of deserted wasteland of the soul where reality exists amongst the fantasy and the truth can really begin.

Magietta is presenting some works at Papergirl in Belfast tomorrow night and I would recommend keeping an eye out for this artist’s future showings.

Written by

Evelyn Jean

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