2014 - Artist alone / Artist together

Pre - Summer 2014

You spend your time as an artist on your own eternally creating a new painting or writing & filming a new film.

You spend no time tending to the reasons why you are making this work.

Or even why you do not choose this moment to leave the script.

Summer 2014

Then it strikes and you know what to do. It will never be the same again.

What do you do?

Paint again, film again, write again, edit again, you don’t need to question it. There is no true form, you just don’t need to die any more.

Post Summer - 2014

Summarising is what I used to do!

Great exhibitions (the best of 2014 being Martial Rayasse at the Centre Pompidou in Paris),

Closer to home among the many great shows at the Tate Modern and other galleries in London (with Hamilton and Malevich) particular stand outs this year to date. Though the Sigmar Polke exhibition which I have only scene once when very tired looks intriguing, and will go and see a few more times and re assess.

Autumn 2014 - My reflection used to look back at me, now it looks back double!

©  Evelyn Jean