2014 - Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life

December 2014 - I was fortunate to see the Barbara Nessim exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center on West 86th St in New York last week.

Visually I love it and I feel a kinship with her work, even though we could never exist in the same world.

I understand her world and I want to crawl into it to forget the reasons why I am living in my world.

I feel warm and cosy in this alternative space, whilst still feeling sharp and edgy with my eye on my next move.

I wonder if I could relax more would I be more transparent and fun, or would I just become the thing I detest in others.

American Life / British Mirror

Evelyn Jean

Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life is on at the Bard Graduate Center, 18 West 86th Street New York until January 11th 2015.

©  Evelyn Jean